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Jual Radio komunikasi Repeater Motorola CDR 500 ? CDR 700 VHF

Sunday, June 18, 2017
jual alat komunikasi Repeater Motorola GR-500 Features : Modular Design - Allows quick field replacement of disabled components. | Wall-mount, lockable, heavy duty metal case - Provides ability to remote mount the repeater in an unattended yet secure site. | Supports VHF/ UHF Cross-band Operation - Allows UHF and VHF radios users to communicate with each other. | Internal Mounting Space for additional components - Allows duplexers, preselectors and battery revert modules to be installed internally. | UL, CSA Approved. • Field Programmable • Support VHF/ UHF/ Cross-band with multiple frequency operation available • Internal mounting for Duplexer and Preselctor • 25W continuous duty • 40/ 45 intermittent • 120/ 240V, 50/ 60Hz operation • Integrated battery revert with float maintenance charger • Compatible with all GR Series controller modules info hub : 081318850401
Website :    globalkomunikasi.blogspot.com
Nama :    Cheppy
Email :    Restu182@gmail.com
Kota:    Jakarta
No. Telp/HP:    081318850401